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As we all well know, you only find true unbiased facts in Lame Stream Media at such as CNN (Clinton News Network) and CBS (Cabal Bull Schiff), as in the Joe Biden video below.

Mandela Effects: Many teach you something,

THEOS has opened my mind to solve a few.

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0001 C3PO and silver leg

Why C3PO’s leg was changed from gold to silver

0005 Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!

0006 Snow White Heigh-ho Heigh-ho

0007 PaPa Bear Bernstein Arkancided ! Berenstain Bears Mandela Effect solved

0008 Marilyn Monroe - Norma JeanE - Illuminati tranny creatures – THEM-ANASH

→ 0009 Why WTC 07 was renamed to prove a point I made about Mandela Effects

→ 0010 Bob Marley Don't Worry Be Happy replaced by Mandela Effect Satanic Bobby McFerrin

→ 0011 Bible Mandela Effect “ if therefore thine eye be single” - SOLVED 0008

Things to consider:

0000 Things to consider – older articles (click)

0502 COVFEFE and POTUS Trump vs. deceptive lying media

0503 Peter Pan is being released

An evil spirit is being released upon the USA/World

0506 Jesus did a miracle for me at the ELCA – Mandela Effects

0507 Santa Cruz boat fire – Mandela Effects -Illuminati sacrifice to Peter Pan

0513 Woman discovers heaven – 3 VIP die strange deaths - Santa Cruz

0515 Rep Elijah Cummings dead Giant among men decoded

0516 James Comey his corn decoded–THEM-ANASH




0518 Thanksgiving 2019 Request for POTUS Trump


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