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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-10-03-0400a

0004 Mandela Effect – skull eye sockets and jaw holes


The first and most obvious one is the human skull never had bone plates behind the eye sockets. If you punctured someone’s eye with an object you were able to go directly into the brain. As seen in various drawings such as this, keep in mind, the “serpent” and “reptile” of this drawing.

Now, please go read this website in it’s entirety!

VRIL – Cloning – Mk Ultra – DUMBs:


“Just how is this bodysnatching process accomplished?”

“According to Marshall, Vril lizards have a natural proboscis at the top of their head, from which they eject a type of thick cerebrospinal fluid. When this fluid enters the human, usually through the eye and from there, to the brain, a chemical transformation immediately begins to take place. The victim essentially dies, leaving the lizard parasite in complete control of all brain function. After a period of recovery, the Vril host can return to its' regular activities, looking, acting and seeming completely normal.”

“The quill then enters the eye of the victim, where it travels around the eyeball to a specific location of the brain. Once there, a chemical reaction begins immediately, resulting in the complete parasitic domination of the victim's brain…. According to Marshall, they "stick their spinal cord in your eye and turn you into a walking lizard". “

However, they are not human and have no capacity to feel human emotions. In fact, as malevolent lizards, they enjoy causing pain and suffering.”

NOW a very interesting thing happened. Many famous people the world over, started showing up with black left eyes. Literally dozens of actors and so called actresses too. Queen eLIZARDabess had her left eye pop just like Joe Biden’s did on the debate stage!

Pope Francis’ black eye tells us a lot about the church today



Now a couple of fine points, Bashar Assad is an eye doctor.

Supposedly a quickly full grown clone ( no soul – used for REM) copy only last a few years, which is why they make poor organ donors, unlike clones grown from a human embryo that are born with a soul.

With these Mandela Effect skulls changes, the VRIL can no longer basically have sex with your eye socket to transfer themselves.

A nature born human might even survive the encounter now, minus an eyeball. The bruised eyes are caused by two things. The sexually frustrated lizards can bang your face all they want, they can not enter your brain anymore. If they inject their spinal column, it basically keeps going into a circle and it dies, maybe along with the host. Now to properly insert a VRIL into a human or clone (drone) it requires surgery. See the fallen angel (or whatever he is) Bashar Assad above.

VRIL head Joe Biden even showed up with stitches visible under his left eyebrow!

The Mandela Effect to the skull was done to protect the world population from a massive take over from the New World Order and their VRIL. There are 10+ year old videos from the Philippines from street people telling how they were doing entire rural villages with CHIPS and these few people escaped and hid amount city people as homeless to stay safe.

Now, if they were doing this wholesale CHIPPING to entire villages in the Pacific, do you think they might have been doing it to whole islands in other places with VRIL? Maybe in Muslim nations that were turned into tourist spots for the whole family?

Suppose a person is on vacation and you VRIL them. Nuclear family members are bound to notice. But, if you managed to do the whole family at one time, where the bread earner already works for a free mason / NWO scum bag, then you could VRIL a whole family on vacation!

They could come back, keep to themselves, and no one would be the wiser. Except free mason teachers that would keep their mouths shut in Roman Catholic schools (see Transformation of America on the media page).

Plus, the boss now has a loyal family to do his dirty work and chaos. Including infecting others, at let us say, maybe church vacation retreats? Imagine having 20+ children you could drug, VRIL, and then send back to their parents. Sure, they would not be a dentist or doctor anymore with a dumb VRIL, but, they would make excellent loyal drug dealers, would they not? Or even politicians (Hi, AOC!).

Matthew 12:25 (GNV)

25 [a]But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them, Every kingdom divided against itself, is brought to naught, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.


So … do you think Satan did these skull changes to divide his own house?


Holes have shown up in the jaw bones now!


Oh, did I recognize this from the Bible? Sure I did, I had translated Job 40 word for word right back to the (Babylon) Hebrew.

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design - The Bible and Dinosaurs


“imho, Job 40:15 is one of the most coolest and richest places in the Bible when you start looking at the Hebrew words and what they really mean. “

Need some help?

Know that the KJV has been changed because THEOS hates it, imho! So, I am going to use the least Mandela Effected one, so, you better understand the message. Because it has the notes that King James (the murdering homosexual transvestite ) removed.


Job 40 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

40 2 How weak man’s power is, being compared to the work of God: 10 Whose power appeareth in the creation, and governing of the great beasts.

Job 40:21 (+GNV)

Canst thou cast an hook into his nose? canst thou pierce his jaws with an angle?


Look, YOUR jaw has been pierced with an angle! How about that.

BTW: Do not look for the words pierce and jaw together in the KJV, the free masons changed it to hide the truth, but, look, scripture and the power of THEOS was just declared in your own body for you to plainly see. How about that !


Job 41 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

41 1 By the greatness of this monster Leviathan, God showeth his greatness and his power, which nothing can resist.

2 Who hath prevented me that I should [b]make an end? All under heaven is mine.


Amos 8 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

8 1 Against the rulers of Israel. 7 The Lord sweareth. 11 The famine of the word of God.

11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the Land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the word of the Lord.

12 And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the North even unto the East shall they run to and fro to seek the [h]word of the Lord, and shall not find it.

13 In that day shall the fair virgins and the young men perish for thirst.


Look, your jaws have been pierced and you are being led around like the DUMB animals you are and you will perish of thirst. Do not expect any sweet water from the KJV, that well was poisoned 1,000s of years ago, long before the free masons peed in it themselves in 1611.

You can decide for yourselves if these two Mandela Effects are from Satan or THEOS. Just consider before opening your mouth that if you want to attribute to Satan, something THEOS performed.

Enjoy the Mandela Effects!


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