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Date: 2019-09-03-1900b

0501 NXIVM and what their name means


It was not covered anywhere as far as I know, even after sending people the information. NXIVM wanted to play pretend at being free masons and had their named encoded.

Currently as far as I can tell, there are two free mason factions fighting for control of the world.

Side 1: NWO, Illuminati, CFR, Church of Rome, 300 Club, Assad, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Deep State (NASA - CIA – some FBI) etc. that worship underground space alien lizards (aka demons) that want to turn everyone into mind controlled lizard pudding head soup.

Side 2: The Original Gangster Free Masons from Scotland tied into the OG Italian and USA Mafia.

More can be found on this website : https://whatdoesitmean.com/

The “sisters” do not mention it outright, but, their order was founded by one of the three daughters of the King Hezekiah, after they left Babylon with Jeremiah , that were bought to Ireland, and then what is now known as the UK. One daughter became the founder of Scotland which is named after her, one became part of the transvestite (VRILed) king line now called Windsor in Britain.

Free masons love alchemy, transforming one thing into another. They wanted to turn lead into gold. Applying the Gematria to NXIVM you get #82:

N = 14

X = 24

I = 9

V = 22

M = 13

14+24+9+22+1e3 = 82 = lead


“Lead is the first and oldest of the seven metals of alchemy (gold, silver, mercury, copper, lead, iron & tin). The symbol for lead was also used to represent the planet Saturn in astrology.”

The leader of NXIVM “donated” $1,000,000 to the Dali Lama. Imho, this Saturn-Satan worshiper, was bribing the Dali Lama for his own VRIL, so, he could start his own cloning center based on sex and trauma .

These two warring free mason factions were never going to allow this to happen. New money is so disappointing to old money, when it thinks it can buy its way into power without paying the generational dues.

I think the name is meant to decode to 68 Erbium, if you drop the N, which is not a Roman numeral.

Where was Erbium discovered?

Ytterby Sweden, how is that connected to 9/11 ?



Please note it was the Lutheran (Swedish) based church that tried to recruit me $ into their free masonry, which I soundly rejected.


John Brown

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