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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-09-22-2322a

0507 Santa Cruz boat fire – Mandela Effects -

Illuminati sacrifice to Peter Pan


There was a recent tragic boat fire in Santa Cruz, it was done because these lizard head, free mason, goat Luci worshipers were mad that their plans to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge, after decades of planning for it with their “sacred” numbers, on one of their high “sabbath” days, was thwarted by prayers from Christians to THEOS and Jesus.

Now to the Satanic numerology of the event. Here is a link to the story:

All 34 Killed in Boat Fire Off Santa Cruz Island Identified


I just picked this site because it popped up first in Google, I don’t vouch for the site, it just contains enough information of what it means so I do not have to type it all up myself. So, you understand the meaning of 3, 33, 333, to these people:



Now that you understand about the numbers 3 and 33.

The boat picked was named Conception. Why? Because the Mandela Effect uses it 3 times and it is the main reason the USA and world are being destroyed. They are MOCKING you.

→ qrz-JESUS.com #0002 Bible Mandela Effect – Conception

“Conception” has been switched for “birthday”, it has been used now three times in the free mason King James Bible.

You guess is, there were 3 BIRTHDAY parties aboard!

That makes it 33 (Conception 3x) WITH (3) birthdays.

“One mother said she lost three daughters in the fire. “

That makes it 333.

3 Conception in the Mandela Effected Bible

3 Birthdays on board

3 daughters (+)

But, they made sure this was thrown in for good effect on the various news stories

“The three-day diving excursion”. Now we have 3333.

Now, we heard a crew member captured on audio, on the ship to shore, talking to the Coast Guard saying “please don’t kill me”, twice, followed by “I can’t breath”. Who came on board that was trying to kill him? Now that audio is wiped from on-line. He was making a call AFTER the captain and other crew members had left the ship. So … who killed him?

You will find a USN submarine was going to intercept a mini-sub send entering the harbor and it was told to stand down and not to bother it coming or going! Who has the authority to order a USN submarine watching our harbors, to stand down when it notices an intrusion? Then there is a fire and the submarine is allowed to escape? Who gave the order for that?

(+) Here I covered the three daughters that Jeremiah took from Babylon.

qrz-JESUS.com #0504 Epstein Island – 100s videos – Arkancided – Scotland

The untold truth about Epstein Island and the temple?

FWIW: Three daughters is buried throughout our culture and that of the so called “Indians”. You even have three daughters here:

The Three Sisters: Corn, Beans, and Squash


So, the three daughters was a powerful, in their eyes, part of the Satanic ritual.

But, WAIT, there is more to the story ! I can’t leave out the most subtle of the mocking, how fair would that be?

What do all DIVERS need? Weights of course. You guessed it … (3) divers weights in the Bible, that describe how these free mason Illuminati operate. Just go to the Biblegateway.com or blueletterbible.com, set for the KJV, and type it in.

So, on the Conception (3) while on their (3) day diving trip, with (3) daughters, with (3) birthdays, (33) DIVERS died using various sized WEIGHTS (3). Divers weights are an abomination to The Lord.

Deuteronomy 25:13

Thou shalt not have in thy bag divers weights, a great and a small.

Proverbs 20:10

Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the Lord.

Proverbs 20:23

Divers weights are an abomination unto the Lord; and a false balance is not good.

Get how they were mocking THEOS/JESUS with a blood sacrifice of the abomination?



Now if you had read the above link about the 33 parallel you would know they love to start wars and chaos on the 33 parallel … So, where are the Santa Cruz Islands? You guessed it by now I hope ...

The latitude of Channel Islands National Park, Ventura, CA, USA is 33.998028, and the longitude is -119.772949.

Now what boat picks up the survivors?

The Great Escape !

What was the greatest escape for them in the past? The Epstein link above that shows the three daughters that Jeremiah took from Babylon, ended up settling Scotland, aka free mason central, and establishing the (now) Satanic transvestite king line of Windsor, that runs the DUMB cloning centers!

(+) Long live the Queen!

We mean it man!

(+) another article needed to explain 1977 to you?

But, what GREAT ESCAPE were they trying to honor and foist upon the world with the 3, 33, 333, 3333 to Baal/Moloch (in the Bible burning the children alive) with their blood sacrifice to Goat Lucifer?

→ qrz-JESUS.com #0503 Peter Pan is being released

An evil spirit is being released upon the USA/World

The great escape was suppose to happen on Sept 19 on Elul 20. But, I do not know of it happened or not. Because someone prayed to Jesus, once they realized what the cloning center song “Sandman” by Metallica meant, as he took it as a call for help, and he prayed to Jesus for a little more time for a very specific reason, before Peter Pan is released.

So, how do you know they were really bothered by not having the Golden Gate Bridge destroyed? They left this poke at me.

“No one has been left behind,” Sheriff Bill Brown said.

What a screwed up statement.

33 people died because according to the Coast Guard transmissions the captain of the boat left them locked in their quarters! He was even asked to go back with a rescuer and let people out! No can do! Who locks passengers into their quarters below deck, for ANY reason? Unless you had a boat of VRIL head clones?

Yes, I got the message, I know exactly what you mean. I will expound on what it meant for the sheeple at a later date because this is long enough.

When it comes to evil, deviousness, mocking, planning, EXECUTION, and blood letting, you guys win hands down. It even makes me sad. Satisfied now?

Yes, you Fabians are getting your “globe” set on fire and your NWO, but, not according to your Satanic plans and it does not end as you wish, I already know, since I have read the Bible, II Esdras and the Book of Enoch.


John Brown

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