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Mandela Effects explained and stuff you should know.

Date: 2019-09-27-1940a

0508 Wes Craven and his two Janus faces


One thing you should realize about the Hollyweird elite is that the people are literally NOT who they appear to be and are false deceiving creations in and of themselves.

I will leave it up to you to decide if they are human or not.

KIDDING! I will show you some of the ones that are not human wearing meat masks, though it will take some hours of learning on your part to see through the veil. You will see normal eyes, when they are anything BUT, that is how deep the delusion goes. You can not even trust your own eyes.

Please note, if you read the Book of Enoch, some of the fallen angels refused to do the truly wicked things, besides not keeping their first estate (Book of Jude).

Jude (GNV 1599)

6 1 The c Angels also which kept not their first

estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved

in everlasting chains under darkness unto the

judgment of the great day.

So … if these angels are in chains, who are these lizard heads walking around? I believe they are literally the children of Satan, some sort of human hybrid, and not some ancient underground space alien lizards that the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas worship (seriously they do). Then you have the Kenites, which are literally the blood line from Cain, which came from Satan having sex with Eve and Adam.

Genesis 4 (1599 Geneva)

9 Then the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel

thy brother? Who answered, I cannot tell. 1 Am I

my brother’s keeper?

(4:9 1 This is the nature of the reprobate when they are reproved of

their hypocrisy, even to neglect God and despite him.)

Cain was saying, he is not of my father’s blood (Satan), so, what concern is it of mine?

Obama did the same thing and mocked YOU the same way.


So, I think it is possible some of them, the lizards and Kenites, with free will, might have repented of the evil they have done, and are trying to lead what would pass as normal uneventful lives, and are not down with the eating of babies, sexual torture of children, and every other horror that has been going on with the NWO, free masons, Epstein Island, and the CIA with MK Ultra. Some may even be well known patriots!

So, do not do something STUPID such as take the law into your own hands or confront ones (especially the lizard heads unless you really want to get a severe beat down) that are not doing evil.

What did Jesus say would happen? You would not be able to separate the children of Satan from the children of Jesus, without harming or killing the children of Jesus. Please do not think you are smarter then Jesus and take the law into your own hands. If you have the spiritual discernment to judge them, you would not be reading this article to learn who and what they are, know what I mean?

Same as me identifying those that pretend to be the opposite sex. The fetuses and babies that survive these free mason satanic rituals, many times have been so altered, they might not even know they have been changed until they do something such as getting married and find out their personal parts are different.

While in the womb of “breeders” they subject the fetus to torture and inject male hormones into females and female hormones into males. Males might get some or all of their personal parts cut off and have surgery done on them to look female. They may think they are female until they get married. Some males are so mind abused, without their testicles, but, still having a penis, they think they are female and the fact they have a weenie does not even register in their mind. In their mind, it is not even there.

Some of the females might have male features, from the hormones, yet, be 100% biological females capable of having babies.

Same sort of thing with the males, though they might lack such things as an Adam Apple (many times removed by surgery), testicles, and have long arms and legs and be bigger then normal. Some that are still complete may be able to have children. In short, on some unless you strip them and give them a full examination you would not know one way or another.

Then you have the people with a VRIL lizard of some sort in their head. These things can be children size all the way up to adult size and beyond. Some of them are literally a reptile under a meat suit or mask, who knows how old, pretending to be human. Satan certainly has created many abominations and tares.


Matthew 13 (1599 GNV)

18 ¶ e Hear ye therefore the parable of the Sower.


25 But while men slept, there came his enemy and

sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.


30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and

in time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather

ye first the tares, and bind them in sheaves to burn

them: but gather the wheat into my barn.


36 Then sent Jesus the multitude away, and went

into the house. And his disciples came unto him,

saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of

that field.


37 1 Then answered he, and said to them, He that

soweth the good seed, is the son of man,

38 And the field is the world, and the good seed

are the children of the kingdom, and the tares are

the children of that wicked one.

39 And the enemy that soweth them, is the devil,

j and the harvest is the end of the world, and the

reapers be the Angels.


I have a new name for TARES, THEM-ANASH, I will explain what it means later.

Always, consider their works above all else, that is the best way to ID them.

One of the features of THEM-ANASH is they have lop sided faces.

The ones literally wearing a meat mask:

- have a wonky left eye (right for Jesuit priests),

- NO lower eyelashes,

- what look like fake upper eyelashes,

- yellow around the eyes,

- and eyes that can focus in two different directions,

- many have scaly skin and multiple folds on their upper eye lids.

Many of the so called females in Hollyweird are male and some of the males are really female. A rare few such as Tom Hanks look to be both sexes, which probably explains him being an earner worth $9,000,000,000+ to them. True hermaphrodites are very rare and worshiped.

THEOS/Jesus gave you a Mandela Effect to help point it out for you.

qrz-JESUS.com #0003 Mandela Effect - Crested Gecko

What should I say about the works of Wes Craven? How about what his name means?



extremely cowardly (= not brave):

a craven act of terrorism

So, he does not bravely confront you face to face, he is a coward that battles you from behind. Where have I heard that before ?


The first president of Kenya changed his name from his Kenite Egyptian one to a Cushite one to get elected. Does this sounds like something our first “black” POTUS, Obama, did who supposedly was not born there?

The 1st president of Kenya, what was his original name? "Kamau wa Ngengi" "The African name books have Kamau meaning "silent warrior", is not this how Satan operates, silently?" CRAVEN

2014-11-01a 16:00

TQO#268 Obama's “leading from behind” *01 - mocking dumb Christians = CRAVEN


“In the FWIW category, going by the 2010 CDC spreadsheets, the USA kills black babies at 3x the rate of white babies and the DemonOrats have managed to eliminate 12,000,000+ black babies and all the generations they would have had, and kept a good majority of the remainder that lived poor and on the government teat. So, they eliminated about 20,000,000 black voters, now that is control!”


So, let us now that a look at the magic spell this THING was putting on you.

I am going to take his official picture, split it in half along his nose and mirror each ½.

Upper left, original picture.

Upper right, his right side flipped. Ever wonder about the free mason hand sign with the finger to the temple? Look deep into my eyes … you will obey me. Here is my Vulcan mind trance. See how his head now looks like one of those little gray alien space aliens? Being programmed much by the false alien narritive?

Link to original large image:


On the left lower is his left side flipped. Looks like a totally different guy, where have I seen him before?

On the right lower, I laid out a grid over his “normal” face.

The first red box would be where the center of his left hand pupil should be compared to the right.

The second red box would be where the outside corner of his eye should be.

The third red box is where the side of his face should be.

The long red dash is all that extra width on the side of his head. His left side is at least 1.5” wider then his right side. It almost makes you wonder if there is something under there, maybe even another face … The “fems” will wear their hair long on that side.

I could show you other things about it, but, unless you can see through the deception of this thing, then it would be a waste, as it takes discernment.

Maybe it is time to stop watching TV, movies, anything to do with Hollyweird such as Disney, time to stop listening to their so call “music”, and to stop playing those mind altering computer games (all of them).


John Brown

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