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Date: 2019-10-21-2201a

0517 Joe Biden DNC debate decoded – deceivers traitors


Please note on the file links, you have to right click the links, download, and then play. My server is not set up for properly streaming, I guess …

John Smith uploaded a weird video to youtube and I wondered what it meant. It plays following this.

→ 0517_Joe_Biden_traitor_Biden Speaks Of Removing Trump From Office Hints At Something Happening On The 17th.mp4

His words do not match his lip movements. After playing it slowly forwards and backwards I realized a code was buried in it. I went in search of an original copy. It plays following this.

→ 0517_Joe_Biden_traitor_original.mp4

If you put this on the spectroscope setting, paint mode green 2, background none, you will find there is a little hand that points to 11 and the big hand points to 15. So, what is 11-15 about? Nov 15th?

It is unique to only this clip.

This does not exist in other clips from the same debate with the same blue screen background. It does not exist in the Pelosi decode video. It is unique only to this small clip. Some people such as Travor Noah on youtube tried to hide the original message behind a laugh track, so, the sheep would not hear it.

Here it is forward, at ½ speed, he says

on the 1st time he spoke of to me”

off to prison”

then “general flynn’s something”

→ 0517_Joe_Biden_traitor_fwd_half_01.mp4

Joe Biden mentions 3 - twice in a row - that is 33 - does that mean something has been approved or planned to take place on 11/15 by the deep state free masons?

Backwards you can clearly hear "Michelle” mentioned 3x along with "airstrip" and "scud".

Michelle could mean three different things in gematrix, the only one that makes sense in this context is


→ 0517_Joe_Biden_traitor_rev-1x-marked.mp4

The Joe Biden clip was altered.

Every democrat on stage knows it, because this was literally staged on a stage!

The election has already been decided on the DemonOrat side !

Everyone on stage surely watched this debate themselves more then once. So, they all know it has been altered.

The debates mean nothing, your vote means nothing. They have all decided to help Joe Biden in this treacherous plan. Whoever “wins” was picked and agreed upon before the debate.

They will follow orders. Heil Hitler !

Joe Biden certainly knows it because he was probably coached to repeat that exact speech many times (VRILs are excellent mimics)

CNN knows it.

Every Lame Stream Media outlet knows it.

They are all traitors.

What are they plotting and communicating? You decide.

If Mr. Donald John Trump has stood up to be a target (like I now have), what are you going to do for the man for which YOU voted? That does not even require you to be a target.

You miss Q and ANON ???

Do you need Q, to tell you the only time you should watch CNN is to write down the advertisers, then contact them all, and tell them you are going to boycott anyone that supports such a traitorous farce of a network? Then follow through with the boycott. Double bonus if they put aborted babies in their products.

Do you need Q, for you to contact every traitor on stage to tell them to resign and that America is watching them?

Do you need Q, to tell you to send a copy of this video to every church and newspaper in your local area?

Do you need Q, to tell you to flood Twitter and every youtube channel with this? BTW: Add your own logo, comments, whatever, I don’t care. I made it so you can easily add to it. You can take ALL the credit, I do not care. What I care about is them assassinating a POTUS and making plans to do it.

I ran www.obamasucks.tv since April 2008, if someone ever came to me with such a plan I surely would have contacted the FBI or CIA (in bed with Obama anyway). It is one reason I avoided joining a militia. Leave me out of such crazy seditious talk. But, these people have surpassed crazy talk, they have already plotted and put into place plans to actually kill Donald Trump!

I know THEOS is totally against civil war and certainly against killing elected leaders. Jesus even tells you so in the Bible!

Do you need Q, to tell you to make copies of this video and leave DVDs of it on vehicles in every parking lot around you, packaged in a nice wrapper?

Want to learn more about your messed up world, then visit:


Full video of the above article (54 MB)

Video checksum MD5: 7efd75f30f25ee075f8aba0d5fc82d28

→ 0517_Joe_Biden_DNC_debate_decoded_deceivers_traitors.mp4

I love THEOS

I love JESUS


John Brown

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