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Date: 2020-04-09-0415


0524 Was Buddy Hackett a hollywierd sexual pervert?




0524 Was Buddy Hackett a hollywierd sexual pervert of the worse kind?  


This whole intro was to introduce the following “ad-lib” – not only was it creepy, it was not even funny. Watch the face and the expressions.


Let his own words judge him. Go watch the whole video here if you enjoy the mention of Bill Cosby and if you think it is funny to joke about the following and to say these types of things:


→  "Oh my God in heaven"

"oh my God,"

knowingly breaking your word of honor

joke about a guy sleeping with a horse


Buddy Hackett Tells A Story He Promised Not to Tell on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.mp4


The question is, which story …




In hollywierd’s free mason religion they will tell you the truth, if you do not believe them, then that is upon you, and their magic worked.


His exact words:

“ I know a girl there named Jane


      and her father is a doctor in North Carolina

and I've known her since she has been 7 or 8 years old

       Oh, She didn't know it either



Bonus points if you read the “let your eye be single” article and can see the difference between the eye and eyebrow on the left eye, which is usually wonky on the hollywierd.





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