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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2020-02-12

0013 New Reality Timeline within the last 4 weeks - Mandela Effect – Fonzie’s jacket changed AGAIN

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A few weeks ago Linda Paris had Gene Decode on and he was talking about how their group had gone to the Court of Heaven to petition for a new change in reality and to reject the timeline Satan had picked for the USA and the world. It looks like something worked one way or another because Fonzie’s jacket and color has changed AGAIN!

When I first heard about the Fonzie Mandela Effect in 2019, where he never wore a black leather jacket, I did not believe it. After much research on the Internet and using my memory, I only found Fonzie in a black leather jacket in two places. One with Heather O’Rourke while “she” (probably a Male To Female) was dancing cheek to cheek with Fonzie on Happy Days and inside the Wheezer Buddy Holly video.

Speaking of Wheezer:

0530 Donald Marshall found in Weezer music video cloning center revealed

Even the fake Fonzies wore brown leather jackets.

Lords of Flatbush was the only other place you could see Henry Winkler in a black leather jacket.

I posted my findings to the Discord board of Brian Stavely.

Here is what the Mandela Effect –> WAS

What color was the Jacket The Fonz wore?


The trouble is there's something wrong with this description - his jacket was brown.”

When I found out about the death of Heather O’Rourke I thought what ball-less homo could do that to a child. Well, except maybe Gerald Ford, Bush #41, Bush #43, Dick Cheney, and Clinton #42 (from the 1995 book TRANCEformation of America by Cathy O’Brien the sex kitten).

Hollywood Pedophilia - The Possible Murder of Heather O'Rourke


Heather O'Rourke Committed suicide in 1988


Say what Fonzie? “Heather O’Rourke who played her daughter, committed suicide. And you know or was killed by some strange thing happening. They said that she died from umm .. you know bad flu. But, I think she was tortured by her father, I think? And you she pulled her eyelashes out, really unhappy little girl, terrible.”

FWIW: When I was growing up, if you wore a brown leather jacket people would call you a homo or gay, cause that is what they wore, so, straight males usually wore black leather jackets. Or if you were me, maybe a bright red leather jacket because I liked it and did not care what people said about me.

So, the Fonz never wore a black leather jacket, only a brown one, and there,was there a kinder and gentler Fonz in the beginning?

Now they were so concerned about the Fonzie tough guy image, he wore a wind breaker, and then a BABY BLUE (not gay at all! ) jacket in the beginning, no, seriously, he did. Then they gradually introduced the brown jacket.

Here is the thing, if you look carefully at the faces and bodies of the wind breaker jacket, blue jacket, brown jacket, and black jacket Fonz, they are all slightly different.

Remember how this face looks when comparing the others, the eyes, the nose, and the chin:

Henry Winkler in The Lords of Flatbush

Then he started wearing a brown leather jacket.

(this first one might be a Fonzie imposter)

Stunt double ?

Now these I call the “maybe” jackets because I can not tell for certain if they are dark brown or black.

When looking at these Fonzie pictures, keep in mind Hollyweird lies about EVERYTHING.

To make females dressing up as males (Female To Male) look believable, they wear jackets with exaggerated width shoulders, but, if you look carefully you can see the downward slope of the shoulder is actually before the seam of the arm of the jacket.

Typical features of a biological male:

Greatly slanted forehead – females are vertical or close to it.

Male on the left and right, female in the middle. If you notice something strange about the jaw of the male on the right … probably not 100% human, but, that is another “conspiracy” theory. As I have noticed that type of jaw in a LOT of criminals and hollyweird, just saying.

Male shoulders wider then the hips.

Male index fingers are shorter then the ring finger about 90% of the time.

Males have elbows above the belly button line, females have elbows just about even with the belly button line. Easy to verify, just look in a mirror at yourself.

Now, these ARE black jackets.

These were never black a year ago when the Mandela Effect page was written, it clearly says Fonzie’s jacket is brown.

Look Fonzie even signed his name to this black jacket photo outside Arnold’s. I do NOT think this is Henry Winkler, fwiw.

Vertical forehead or slanted male forehead in the black leather jacket?

Square male jaw or female jaw?

Compare it with the signed motorcycle picture.

Robin Williams was a Female to Male, that has already been proven without a doubt.

black jacket again

How wide are the shoulders in that BLACK leather jacket?

In case you do not know about the red leather shoe club, just note Heather’s boots for now and how many times “she” was seen in red shoes and boots. Absolutely a black leather jacket. Originally this was the only black leather jacket photo of Fonzie I could find besides the Wheezer video, the one with him dancing with Heather.

Now we have this too.

Just a quick comparison since “Richie” is slouching in the above picture. Not that he was doing it to deceive you or anything such as that. Please note the guy with a goatee and his adam’s apple and the lack of one on the Fonz with the vertical forehead.

Black jacket again.

I think this is black, but, I would not argue against dark brown.

Now here is the weird thing. The original photos I had of Henry Winkler, he had a really bad left wonky THEM-ANASH eye, that is not noticeably present in these current versions.

Montage the Fonz photos:

Now, I guess you could find a lot of excuses of why Fonzie does not have an Adam’s apple, but, why does this latest version not have any lower eyelashes? Which you find in a lot of the world “elite” and hollyweird.

And you she pulled her eyelashes out, really unhappy little girl, terrible.”


0008 Mandela Effect Solved - Marilyn Monroe - Norma JeanE - Illuminati tranny creatures – THEM-ANASH

Take your pick.



I asked the Creator about a few things and asked him if he could give me an answer about you and if you were genuine in your feelings about Heather O’Rourke because it appeared to me you really liked “her” and were angry about her death, after watching that video a few times. I did not want to be wrong about something I published. It is why I removed the stuff I had about Erin Moran. I asked for a dream I could interpret about my own family member too. Answers for my own family member, I get nothing, but, for you I get something!

I was showing my boss the plans for a large boat I was building. He looks at them, hands them back to me, and says :

Get away from me with that Jupiter.”

I did not know what he meant, it was not about Lost in Space, so, I researched the god Jupiter, it was not that. You know what was meant?

Because it is supposedly full of gas, people consider Jupiter a FAILED STAR.


John Brown

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