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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2021-03-20-1302

0015 Mandela Effect Solved Ford Logo

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This was one of the first Mandela Effects I learned about and that was a bit of a shocker, was the Ford logo change. Because not only had I been a Ford mechanic, I worked in a Ford parts department as a counter man, was a Ford parts driver, plus, I had been a service manager at various dealerships.

I had on and off for years sold Ford related items including decals and logos from vehicles I scrapped.

I had just bought a Ford, so, I went out when it was light and looked at my vehicles, yes, the logos had change on my 1980s Ford and our 2000s Ford.

Even though I like Ford trucks better then all the other brands, the vehicles themselves are Satanic in origin, and represent the four horsemen. The author of the Alpha Omega Bible describes it the best at the beginning of his translation.

Now, this is what the F in the Ford logo looked like before:

Here is what it looks like now:

Ford logo: Did it always have the "pig tail"?


One little curl

“Everyone is familiar with the Ford Motor Co. logo, but some remember there never being a curly "pig tail" swirl in the capital F which is seen today.

Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are sure it was never there, yet all references and images today show it has been present since 1912”

So, why the change?

Henry Ford was not a nice person, even if you skip the supporting Hitler thing. Oh, to say he had a certain take on eugenics and the Jews is an understatement.

Here is the thing, these free masons working for the “Illuminati” frequently have no real Creator given skills to credit towards their success, the success comes from allowing the evil spirits to take over their body to make them stars (as plainly stated by Freddie Mercury, Bob Dylan, Robin Williams, Eminem, etc.) or to put the thoughts for the inventions into their heads. I came to this conclusion about the so called ground breaking “scientists” after hearing one of them talk about his inventions and company, not the brightest bulb in the pack, so to speak.


Ford left Edison Illuminating Company to pursue his car-making business full-time.

In the FWIW category, Edison the “illuminator” was a female to male tranny just like Elon Musk (yes, I can prove Elon and will).

So, whoever changed this considered Ford so low, he was not even worthy of being called a swine, no, he was a pigs ASS, worse then that, he only qualified for the tail that flicks poop and hormones around while he poops all over the place as “he” roots the place up, a real BORE. I actually had to look this up, because I knew what was meant, but, I did not know what “pig’s ass” means as slang.

"pigs ass"


“The term "pigs ass" is used in many situations. It is most commonly used when someone claims something is not true. It may also be an insult towards you or someone else your (that disrespects you) respect. It could insult any part of your life and "pigs ass" is a suitable retaliation. “


‘A close friend recalled a camping trip in 1919 during which Ford lectured a group around the campfire. He "attributes all evil to Jews or to the Jewish capitalists," the friend wrote in his diary. "The Jews caused the war, the Jews caused the outbreak of thieving and robbery all over the country, the Jews caused the inefficiency of the navy…"

Pig’s ass!


John Brown

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+(GNV = 1599 Geneva Bible by Tolle)

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