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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2020-03-22-1606

0519 The important altar in Georgia is NOT the Guidestones


I have not written an article or pretty much not posted on the train station called YouTube for 3+ months. Though THEOS knows exactly why I did it and I had told him I was finished and DONE with this reality and deception, he opened my heart. I bet this reality was wondering when I was going to post and why I stopped. It went out of it’s way to get me to respond. I bet you NEVER saw this coming …

I was watching a video on the Koinonia House channel , I felt the despair, sorrow, and anger their reply and mocking caused to people looking for an answer to the Mandela Effect. So, what better day then to start again, then on the Satanic birthday of the Georgia Guidestones? Did you all seeing AIs know it? You Satanic sun worshipers, enjoying your rainy and cloudy day at your precious guidestones?

So, a few years back, we inherited a rabbit because my sister in law could no longer keep it while moving. I already had one adopted pet and did not want the responsibility of taking care of a rabbit. We tried giving it to two different people and ended up getting the rabbit back because of it’s behavior and destructive power.

One of my daughters begged me to keep it with tears in her eyes after the last return because it was going to a shelter where they would probably kill it (she loves animals).

So, I set up my back porch/deck so it could run around in the sun every once in a while. This rabbit hated being picked up. Getting it back in the huge cage/run we set up about six feet long, on a table in the house, was not always a scratch free event.

I tried to love the rabbit, talked to it whenever I came out into the kitchen area, tried to pet it (usually only allowed when being fed). Cleaned up the coco puffs it kicked out and got use to my house smelling like a barn yard. (Note: We recently adopted a dog from a kennel, now it smells worse). My daughter went to college and during most of the day, I ended up being it’s main companion. I do not think it liked me, but, then again my wife did not when she first met me ...

Go read this article about the miracle THEOS/Jesus did for me at the ELCA to understand, in context, to what I am about to tell you.

0506 Jesus did a miracle for me at the ELCA – Mandela Effects


and read Curse of the Zeroes . It is “Mandela Effected” and I now understand the analogy I wrote and why. I do not have to 100% understand the message at the time, I just have to deliver it. Just like I sent the GBC bound book 12 times to Donald J Trump by priority mail for a cost of $96.00 to myself. Just as I delivered the book to 100s of so called leaders of the USA and churches at $8.90 a pop by priority mail.

Curse of the Zeroes” - the Book of Judgments

► “Curse of the Zeroes” = Solved = USA Judged to be Murderers by God


BTW: I will explain MAGA - right from my own website back in 2011-06 so you can understand the true meaning.

You might want to be buried in a pet cemetery?

I have a pet cemetery in my backyard. Our various adopted pets, big and small, animals such as a stray cat that just showed up and died a few days later, dead animals taken out of the streets with a shovel because I was sick of people running them over, etc.

Well, the rabbit died, and it was horrible finding Thumper like that when I came out to talk to him. We all cried. I went out back and dug a deep hole and put him next to a tree in a backyard he could never enjoy for his own safety. So, we took a picture for our daughter at school that originally pleaded with me to keep the rabbit. We said some prayers and I read from the Bible and gave the rabbit a good Christian burial.

My family went in the house and I stayed behind. To keep animals off the grave, instead of the usual bricks, I used rock we had around the property.

Exodus 20:25 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

25 But if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stones: for if thou lift up thy tool upon them, thou hast polluted [s]them.

Then I prayed to THEOS (you call him GOD) this prayer. Words may be a bit off, it has been 6 years or so. “You see the good Christian burial I just gave a mere rabbit. Every time when you look down upon this altar from heaven, you remember how that hospital in Oregon just tosses the bodies of aborted babies in the trash and then burns them (to Moloch). I have shown more love and respect to a mere rabbit then this nation does to your children”.

THEOS sees that altar every day. Even if you dropped an atomic bomb on my house and dug a hole 100 feet deep and vaporized everything, it would still be there in his eyes to remind him. No matter what wicked or sinful thing I do, no matter what good thing I do, no matter if I am dead or alive, sleeping or awake, it stands as a testimony against this nation until the end of this earth age.

This is the choice, though already too late. Stop abortion and acknowledge the SOUL reason is because of Luke 01:36-55 or be destroyed. Sooner or later this nation will properly acknowledge THEOS and Jesus the Creator HIS way. It can be with the USA filled with Russians and Chinese troops, almost everyone killed, and THEOS will save the invaders instead or it can be voluntary, the choice is up to you. If you have not noticed with the Mandela Effects South America is now only 1500 miles from Africa. This and the new Mandela Effect called Bridge of America, which I might explain later, helps make Ezekiel 38 come true.

What is coming upon America AND the whole world is FAR worse then what came upon Egypt. It will literally break your mind, I think it is what the so called COVID-19 virus is all about. That is already set in stone, so to speak. What the followers of Satan have done while we were sleeping can not be undone, except maybe by THEOS if he wanted to go back and change the last 30+ years in their entirety. Though I was angry and heart broken when I realized it, I am not going to allow it to keep me up at night. I guess now what is left of my family will find out what I have done and why, as I never told them the reason behind what I did. Which is SOP.

Next up “Understanding free mason “As Above, so Below” for Christians” so you can wrap your head around what has been done.

Followed by how “reality” and YouTube are outright mocking you, destroying you, and stabbing you in the back, you so called creators.


John Brown

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+(GNV = 1599 Geneva Bible)

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