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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2021-01-18-1234

0529 Curse of the Zeroes - well played DJT white hats and Q!


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Please note that I recommend using only the 1599 Geneva Bible by Tolle’s where the truth bombs are showing up in the footnotes and NOT the Mandela Effected KJV written by the Satan worshiping free masons. I am only including the KJV verses because that is what I originally used.


When I signed onto youtube in March 2019, I basically knew nothing about Q, ANON (except maybe the Vincent masks), QANON, white hats, and Mandela Effects. I had no real idea what free masons were about. Though I had been asked to join in the1990s, outright turned them down, I learned a bit more after I was shown they were doing perverted things in the Capitol basement bathrooms. As I reflected the past two weeks on the clown show of the last year it occurred to me. The 40 year probation being about Ronald Reagan was not about him, it was the start of a 40 year probation period for the USA. 1980+40 = 2020

Which answers the question from :

► “Curse of the Zeroes” = Solved = USA Judged to be Murderers by God


page 70

#2 Because of Bible numerics, I suspected there might be an 8th president to die in office, which was in the earlier version (non-book) published.

There is an analog in scripture (BTW: Rev 17:10 is now Mandela Effected to Rev 17:09 – not that anyone remembers that other then me) too:

page 88


Revelation 17 (KJV)

10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.


Now MR. Donald John Trump lives up to his Bible numeric #45 = barely survives

I was always afraid they would shoot him and he would end up a cripple or like Wilson, though I suppose Reagan barely survived too, I like the impeachment option much better. It would have broken my heart to see DJT harmed.

So, the deep state ran sleepy Joe and the male beast in a pants suit called Harris hoping DJT would win by a land slide against such a horrible pair of nothings. That would put deep state wicked man Pence as VP. (What was in his envelope at the Bush #41 funeral – same as low energy Jeb’s?) Yes, that planned worked so well with Ronald Reagan, might as well try it twice = LMAO! They might have killed Pence too which would put Pelosi in office.

BUT, the white hats took down the deep state communications, so, the deep state does what it always does, it cheats and throws the election, because it was what they thought was wanted. Maybe you even sent them fake communications telling them to throw the election So, Ruby in Fulton County Georgia probably stuffed the ballot box (on video) enough by herself to throw the election if DJT only lost by 13,000 votes. Then our corrupt secretary of state and governor approved and certified the election?

Somehow I think our stable genius knew you would record the call and then release it. Helping to cement his Bible numeric #45. So, who is the stupid one now?

Now,the deep state and Nancy are in a panic, because it is sleepy Joe’s turn to die once elected and sworn in (Curse of the Zeroes) and they know Harrison was the shortest term in office, so, they can hear that 30 days ticking down second by second. Now, you convince ANTIFA to go in and disturb what would have been a peaceful demonstration and the deep state does what it always does. Deceive the American people, kill people, put on a false flag event, let the terrorists in and help them.

IF PICTURES COULD TALK – from the Capitol Hill “invasion”

Now, you have a reason to put 25,000 troops into Washington DC to surround the traitors. Then they start getting the idea troops can keep people out, but, they can also keep them in. Is this what they call a kill box? :-D So goes the impassioned cry “Impeach Trump ASAP he is a threat to humanity, do it before the 20th, invoke the 14th amendment or the world might end!” so he can never serve again.

I bet the deep state including Nancy Pelosi was planning on being somewhere else on the 20th to protest the DJT swearing in and completely nuking the area and blaming it on Russia, while they are not there in a DUMB. Now they have to be there in person wearing their little COVID-19 masks and they probably have no access to a clone to step into. Bye Bye China lake, it wasn’t nice to know ya.

Some of them might be starting to remember their own stenographer’s 2013 warning where she said (3x) “GOD will not be mocked!” from the Book of Daniel which they mocked in ObamaCare. FWIW: They doubled down and mocked John Adams twice.

Well, the only thing I know that has not come true (even Peter Pan showed up on 4/11) that I said would be happening, is my warning to Congress that the Creator is killing Congress.


TQO#259 Congress: God is ending your idol worship – get ready for hell

Here is God's interpreted message for you.

You are idol worshiping some sort of female “god”, you have even gone to bed with her, and you have hidden your filthy acts under your mattress, and think God has not seen it.

God is going to cut your hand off.

Your death has been delayed long enough.

You are going to enter hell with both feet through the front door.”

Well, the hand of Congress has certainly been cut off, what have they accomplished since 2013, except running up the debt against Deut 28:12? Even the wicked graceless SCOTUS cut off their hand. Even SOTH Boehner had a guy threaten to kill him and accuse him of giving AIDS to the world.

I told Rev Childress in 2010 I would be working to eliminate abortion, even when I am not beseeching and complaining to the Lord about it, my altar to the Creator reminds him 18x7 every time he looks down from heaven upon me, even when I am being a sinful speck of dust. A nuclear bomb will not remove it because the Creator will always see the memory of it.

0519 The important altar in Georgia is NOT the Guidestones

All I can say is enjoy the ride, BABY KILLERS!

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+(GNV = 1599 Geneva Bible)

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