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Date: 2021-03-21-1612

0531 Is Fox News part of the Lame Stream Media?

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Is Fox News part of the Lame Stream Media?

For you to be the judge on that, consider the following.

Published January 29 2021

Sicilian village auctioning homes for $1 and paying for renovations


“Now you can buy a Sicilian slice of life for just $1.

The historic Sicilian village of Tronia is incentivizing buyers to get paid to live there by auctioning homes off for $1 online, according to the town's tourism website.”

The one comment, by me, they will not allow under their comment section?


“ They left out one important detail in the paid promo ? I mean news article.

""Mount Etna, or Etna, is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy,"

What I always wanted, to build a home or vacation villa next to an active volcano, NOT!

Mount Etna, Latin Aetna, Sicilian Mongibello, active volcano on the east coast of Sicily. The name comes from the Greek Aitne, from aithō, “I burn.” "


So, what followed 11 days later:

Fri, 26 Feb 2021, 10:11

Etna volcano update: Waiting for eruption number 7


For a Volcanologist Living on Mount Etna, the Latest Eruption Is a Delight


“Violent explosions threw volcanic bombs the size of fridges from the peak. Lava spouted up more than 3,300 feet, illuminating the volcano like a flare. A red-and-black shower of fresh volcanic matter rained down, partially obscured by the six-mile-high tower of ash piercing the inky blue sky. The volcano’s roars echoed among the houses of about a million people living on its slopes—Behncke included.”

Note to self: Excellent place to build a vacation home if you want to know what it is like to live in HELL.

Etna volcano update: Short but violent paroxysm number 7 blankets part of Sicily with black ash


Is Etna a danger to Italy?


“Despite being Europe’s most active volcano … Starting on February 16, Etna has sent up high fountains of lava which have rolled down the mountain’s eastern slope where luckily, there are no human settlements. “

A Glowing Plume Over Mount Etna


“Yet even experienced Etna watchers have been wowed by the intensity of the volcano’s unrest in February 2021.

partially illuminated plume was spreading northwest across Sicily. It deposited a layer of ash in Palermo before heading north toward Sardinia.”

Lava rains from the sky during latest eruption of Italy’s Mount Etna


“In the video, loud booms can be heard as lava rains from the sky in a fiery and terrifying spectacle. “


I find it hard to believe even a junior high school journalism student could write a news story about a village giving away property at $1 and not mention the reason why it is so cheap is because of the most active volcano in Europe is clearly visible across the way.

So … how much was Fox News paid to run the story by the town ?

Or did Fox News have insider news , such as a Deep Underground Military Base was going to be destroyed, and they were telling minions to flee with their property and lives?

Or did the Creator just happened to prove me correct?

You be the judge and if it was another example of USELESS DECEIVING Lame Stream Media.


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