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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2021-03-23

2004 Not quite human beings causing majority of crimes Jeff Epstein edition

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Are not quite human beings causing the majority of crimes in the news, aka VRIL?

As far out as that sounds, I will prove it with 100s of photos and links to the original articles.

So, I am going to prove to you with photos that the vast majority of crimes are either :

1. committed by the same family of people with messed up left eyes,

2. are people that have been VRIL,

3. or are cloning center rejects let go into the public.

Because the vast majority all have a wonky left eye, except Jesuit priests, they get it in the right eye as far as I can tell.

Unless of course they are all fake news stories created by an AI to deceive you. Take your pick on what you want to believe.

It would be helpful if you have watched some TransPocalypse now videos, some of which can be found here:

BitChute’s EdH2024 has some of MrE’s videos (they are NOT the same person)

Once you can spot a tranny without much thought, these people and animals with the wonky eyes jump out at you.

The left eye is is usually smaller, sliding down, set farther back, with a bigger left cheek bone, raised arched left eyebrow, and bigger left ear.

Plus, they hold their head cocked to the left side to get it focus the same as the right side, I presume.

The left eye is is usually smaller, sliding down, set farther back, with a bigger left cheek bone.


If you do not know what VRIL are, then visit this website:

VRIL – Cloning – Mk Ultra – DUMBs:


Now, on with the show!

Have you wondered what would happened if two of these “people” ever married or shacked up? With what kind of murderous Luci and Ethel scheme they could come up? Well, wonder no more!



Body found encased in concrete in Nevada desert believed to be missing woman: reports


According to court documents obtained by the Review-Journal, Prestipino strangled the victim and then injected her body with pool cleaner after leaving her “tied up to a bedpost for an extended period of time.” After she was killed, he reportedly transported the body to the desert using a rented U-Haul.


Man convicted of killing childhood friend hours after release from prison


If you VRIL a bunch of prisoners in jail, who would notice or complain? They would make a compliant pet, until you released them!

(rotate head to show eye better)


Michigan man fends off intruder with replica battle ax: 'There was a bloody mess everywhere'


Just in case you could not tell by the funky left eye and no lower eyelashes, he helps you out with the Illuminati eye pyramid.

Seriously, how many black men with a full head of hair have you met that did not have any lower eyelashes?



Burned remains found in Illinois identified as woman missing since 2010



Minnesota man convicted of raping girlfriend's twin 4-year-old girls, giving them STD: report


Just in case you could not tell his left eye is starting to slide off his face, he puts a star there, which I guess means he killed someone.


Kentucky Man Allegedly Skinned His Neighbors' Dogs To Make 'Doggy Coat'


Unfortunately the best picture I could find. Has the hole – slash - 3rd eye between the eyebrow thing too.


New details revealed in death of UFC fighter’s stepdaughter


“he was like an animal in the cage when fighting”

Picture rotated so the sunken set back left wonky eye stands out better.

Just so we do not forget, this is the life he extinguished. Not mentioning her name so it does not get included in a search, out of respect for her and the family, because I believe THIS story is real.

Some hollyweird caught on tape, why not. Meant to entertain the sheeple the wolves prey upon.


Ryan Seacrest 'did not have any kind of stroke' on TV, according to rep


Just caught a nasty VRILus, that is all. A little shape shifting never Hertz no one.

Go look in a mirror and check out the outside corners of your eyes and how they fold, then tell me if yours looks like this, from the same fox news page.


Supposedly married his adopted daughter, molested one, except both his daughters look like biological males, his “maleness” is probably not up for grabs, if you catch my drift. Funky left eye Hollyweird at it’s finest. All a bunch of actors, including the politicians wearing meat masks, that lie like they breathe.

Dare I say these “elites” are the true depraved criminals of the world?

Three pictures of “Woody” Allen, which is the best? The fourth picture.

No lower eyelashes, par for the course, but, check out the upper inside corners of his eyes near the eyeglass frames.

Do your eyes look like that? I hope not.

Oh, wait, “he” will probably say it is a disease aka MJ Fox, but, we will see about that below.


Jailed Pennsylvania ex-pastor arrested in alleged murder-for-hire plot


If you can not see the eye, let me draw it out.


Bloody corpses found on Florida beach may be linked to dramatic I-95 chase: police


I think this is Epstein without a mask … same mouth, same line between the eyebrows, yellow skin round the eyes,

same scar left to right under the lower lip above the chin, etc.

Though you look better here then you did 20 years ago, excellent surgeon for the face, should have changed the ears more too.

Look, no lower eyelashes, just like Epstein. Should have had them fix that left eye and added some lower eyelashes?

Matthew 6 -1599 Geneva Bible

23 But if thine eye be wicked, then all thy body shall be dark. Wherefore if the light that is in thee, be darkness, how great is that darkness?

Now for your side by side. Funny that the police department did NOT do a straight on head shot, wonder why that is?

Broward County … never mind, that says enough.

What is that thing on the lips you can not get rid of, herpes ?

I say with a nice goatee that scar might not be visible for the next sham to entertain the masses.


“Dovi, 64, was arrested on June 9, several hours after the bodies of two homeless men, Walter Amryan III, 59, and Adan Gonsulez, 37, were found at 3100 N. Ocean Boulevard behind L’Hermitage condominiums.”

What I can not figure out is why you wanted your mugshot in the news again.

So, is this a good contact in case someone wants to hire you?

This is the picture that made me question what you are.

Nice sloping male forehead, but, those are very long legs on a very short out of proportion so called male body.

What is up with the ear?


“The reason why he is facing the wrong way in the mug shot is because Mackenzie Alexander Astin has a chunk taken out of his ear and he sometimes wears a prosthetic to hide it. If he showed the other side we would surly pick it out.”

Food for thought, is it not?


For anyone that wants to watch the so called car chase, check the link above. Anyone wonder why the 1st cop holds his gun in such a gay manner and later on is not even aiming. What they teach shooting from the hip at the police academy with a 45 angle degree wrist?

Why does the cop (arrow) not even to turn to view the threat the entire video. Just stands sideways the whole time. Is he the on scene director?

Look, a barrel just happens to be there for blocking traffic, in front of skid marks from a previous pit and flip, practice much?

Or why they did not cover the windshield and were just expecting someone to pop out of a vehicle roof?

Because that often happens after police chase and flipping a car?

Oh look, a police officer with super human strength. He is going to stick his unprotected hand through a roof, through the other side, where a violent suspect or even a dog waits.

Please note the “driver” has undone all 8 latches and stood up, you can see him talking to the police in the video, his head is visible in the driver’s side window.

For what it is worth, going by the roof cross members and panels, this is a 2018-2021 Jeep Liberty.

The 2008-2012 had folding fabric panels.

Notice he is already standing. In the amount of time the vehicle has been on the ground, he has undone all 8 latches, plus, stood up.

Ever get the feeling there was a professional driver to flip the Jeep and Jeff Epstein was waiting in the back, which is why

… there is NO passenger seat !

For better effect, you better turn around and come out on your back. I hope you have something to lay and crash on besides hot concrete.

Look, problem solved for our top billed ACTOR.

Look, he has Epstein’s short male torso and bulging stomach, I think I found his long lost twin.

Just like I found MJF’x twin below!

Look, “Dovi” has your legs too!

I wonder if his side profile fits Epstein’s ?

Look, a match, I found your exact biological twin, how about that?

It must have been a sore disappointment the bundle of clothes attached to the roof, look he is homeless here is proof, did not scatter across the highway as planned. That would have been a cherry money shot news reel for the 5 o’clock news! That might have been sold to other news stations.

Kind of calls into question the whole Epstein Island thing, does it not?

Epstein didn’t kill himself?


Fungible aims to slay the CPU bogeyman with composable microprocessor



US Army soldier sentenced to life for sexual assault of minor


Not to beat the arched left eyebrow thing to death, BUT ...

Q: What is a browbeat?

A: One who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people: bulldozer, bully, hector, intimidator. Archaic: brave.

“US Army soldier sentenced to life for sexual assault of minor”

Interesting, very interesting !


West Virginia woman convicted in plot to offer top-secret NSA info to Russia


Do you really think this person with an eye sliding off her face, developed this scheme on her own, or was just the fall guy? Which begs the question, what happened to the real handler?

Fox Micheal J

Who supports aborting babies and using them for research to extend his life, which is criminal in the Creator’s eyes.

So, who does this actor play?

For what it is worth, do not feel bad for this person, because he fakes having a serious illness to cover up the eye sliding off his face. On top of that, “he” is a biological female that got thousands of girls to lust after another female dressed up as a cute guy. So, who are the real criminals?

Michael J FOX_ - Parkinson's Charlatan and HOAXER LIAR


There are better videos on that OTHER video sharing platform about him faking his illness. These people have no shame.

So, let us draw a quick reference point of his deformed eye, the pupil and iris, edge of hair line, middle of mouth, outside edges of his face, starting at the ears.

Now, let us overlay in on top of someone else, let us say a convicted criminal of a Federal crime amounting to treason.

Oh look!

So, what do you think the odds are that Elizabeth Jo Shirley, with a genetic defective left eye, just happens to match a “guy” with his own eye sliding off his face, not only pupil to pupil, but, the faces are the same width, the bottom of the ears start in the same spot, the top of the head is in the same spot too. Someone should tell the female to male MJ Fox, I found her missing identical twin !

So, what does her name mean?



Whats her story

Can you see what I see

Hollywood is TRANS

Satanism in Hollywood


So, I am going to prove to you with photos that the vast majority of crimes are either :

1. committed by the same family of people with messed up left eyes,

End quote

I just did not say if they were real crimes or fake crimes.


MJF, the Ugly little troll!

Do not worry, they rarely get punished until they die and then met the Father and Jesus, other people just die because of them until that time.

The free mason Kenite (Strongs 7014) Satanists are the worthless shepherd, which is why hollyweird loves the covering right eye thing.

Zechariah 11 - 1599 Geneva Bible

15 And the Lord said unto me, Take to thee yet [q]the instruments of a foolish shepherd.

16 For lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not look for the thing that is lost, nor seek the tender lambs, nor heal that that is hurt, nor feed that that [r]standeth up, but he shall eat flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces.

17 O idol shepherd that leaveth the flock: the sword shall be upon his [s]arm, and upon his right eye. His arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.


Zechariah 11:15 Signifying that they should have a certain kind of regiment and outward show of government: but in effect it should be nothing: for they should be wolves, and devouring beasts instead of shepherds.

Zechariah 11:17 By the arms he signifieth strength, as he doth wisdom and judgments by the eye: that is, the plague of God shall take away both thy strength and judgment.


For the record: You do NOT have permission to interfere with my family or I in any negative way. Any more of it and I am going to retroactively ask for judgment for my cat and those three car accidents, you just have to ask yourself “Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you?”

Plus, if you do interfere with me, even through the cloning center, may the Father, the Creator, and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, whom I serve, bring multiples of my sorrows onto your WHOLE family many times over, as THEY see fit. PLUS, Satan has to immediately spend 24 hours in the pit or penalty box with either myself or an angel singing him Psalms to him that praise Jesus and the Father the whole 24 hours. You might ask your “god” if I have requested something like that before, before you act.

So, I am not outing these free mason actor Satan worshiping scum for punishment, because it is highly unlikely to happen in the flesh, I am just pointing out the fake news and the families behind most of the real chaos.

If you have not noticed, mass shootings and false flags events are happening now that the DemonRats believe Joe BIDAN is POTUS. They have to have something to drive profit to their failing news outlets as people CANCEL THEM and IGNORE THEM.

They lie about EVERYTHING !

Epstein didn’t kill himself.


John Brown

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+(GNV = 1599 Geneva Bible by Tolle)

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