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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-10-09-1301a

0005 Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!


I will explain the WHY of this Mandela Effect:

Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!

→ https://www.alternatememories.com/historical-events/tv/lucy-you-got-some-splainin-to-do

You will find with the Mandela Effects, where something has been completely removed from history, it is usually something THEOS/Jesus found completely insulting or was directly mocking him, imho. You will not find “residue” since most residue is usually (imho) from the two witnesses to break up this illusion OR it is a test from the AIs to see and judge your reaction, to further deceive you, on it’s way to becoming human?

The Baphomet is a representation of Satan in the form of a goat. Why? That is another article. The idol is called Goat Lucy, when you take the Rain Man contract it is with him.

→ 0510 Purple Rain Burn In Hell

It is called the GOAT LUCI (Lucifer) contract. It usually involves a trip to the Deep Underground Military Base and/or cloning center, some of which have existed for 100+ years, for BOTH men and women. Once in the arena, the person is anally raped, has to perform oral sex on high ranking Illuminati (usually fat ugly white males and walking lizards), has to eat poop, has to kill a baby, and usually drink the blood and eat the baby.

When Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” jokes about eating babies with pineapples in an interview and goes on SNL joking about inventing pedophile robots, he is actually telling the truth. This is how these free mason freaks roll. BTW: The OEM copy of Dwayne Johnson was once a cute little 8 year old girl in a pink dress suit. As part of the humiliation ritual and to mock you, he put it on his page. Yes, he has the female shoulder to hip ratio of a female and not a male. That thing walking around with muscles is a freak creation of a clone.

All of these pervert things are Standard Operation Procedure at a DUMB cloning center.


When you see the title of

“I Love Lucy”,

it was Satan’s way of getting his idol in front of you, and for everyone to praise him with

“I Love Luci”

as being great and worth watching. Ah, the golden age of TV!

I am going to break down Lucille Ball so you understand who HE was and the TWO Mandela Effects.

If you want to be able to easily discern the males from the females and see through their deceptive camouflage, I added links here:

News and Interesting Links

qrz-JESUS.com 0000 Media and Site Links

I am going to concentrate on things you will not find elsewhere.

That first picture of Lucille Ball is her/him doing the free mason hand sign meaning the all seeing eye.

Lucille (which can mean light too) Ball =

Luci = Lucifer

lle is backwards for ELL = god – they love doing things backwards!

Ball = Baal

El is the (Babylon) Hebrew for God



Names ending in “ell” is commonly used to mean “of God” in naming of children, usually sons.


Baal is a demonic god statue to which they killed children

→ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moloch

So, the name Lucille Ball basically meant son born of Lucifer Baal.

Now, I said the following about THEM-ANASH :


→ 0508 Wes Craven and his two Janus faces

One of the features of THEM-ANASH is they have lop sided faces.

The ones literally wearing a meat mask:

- have a wonky left eye (right for Jesuit priests),

- NO lower eyelashes,

- what look like fake upper eyelashes,

- yellow around the eyes,

- and eyes that can focus in two different directions,

- many have scaly skin and multiple folds on their upper eye lids.

Many of the so called females in Hollyweird are male and some of the males are really female.


and I will prove Lucy Ball was one by using her own publicity pictures.

This is NOT a normal upper eye lid.

Still can not see the multiple wrinkles on the upper lid that is NOT human and not normal?

Try this outlined. Blue is the actual lower part

of the lid. The red lines are the multiple folds.

I am going to take her photo here, cut the face in 1/2.

Then mirror the right side, then mirror the left.

Let use see what the THEM-ANASH should look like.

Right side mirrored

Left side mirrored

Look, it must be from the same family as Wes Craven!

Her/his face on a grid

All measurements and spacing based off the right side. The left side is marked to where it SHOULD be.

Working from the inside out from the center of the nose.

1st vertical mark – corner inside of eye

2nd vertical mark – middle of pupil

3rd vertical mark – corner outside of eyelashes

4th vertical mark – end of face – cheek

Blue vertical mark – how much wider the face is at a minimum

Cheek circled to make how much larger it is. See how much bigger the brow is, the eye is slightly set back on the left side too.

This represents the male 1/2 of the face I, I guess. I have no idea why they do this freaky messed up human engineering this way. I can only guess by reading their own material that they try to make everything 1/2 male and 1/2 female.

Now, onto a closer look at the eye with no lower eyelashes, where he put on eye liner instead of a false eyelash.

I saw Nancy (Yancy) Pelosi do this to the same eye.

I now think they are mocking us instead of just being lazy, forgetful, and or having it fall off.

Especially now that I know why Comey was doing the “corn” thing.

Still can’t discern it is not human or not normal? Let me draw some lines for you on the upper lid.

Here is Lucille Ball in 1936 with Maxie Rosenbloom

Adam’s Apple – small male jaw –

Left eye is set farther back (usually male)

Right eye is more forward (usually female), BUT, you should not be able to see that right eye at all from that angle !

Now zoom in – see the multiple folds in the upper eye lid?

Adam’s Apple again

Again, shoulders wider then the hips = yes = male

Now, you know why “Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!” and why the famous catch phrase was removed.

Now, In My Humble Opinion the following was a Mandela Effect and THEOS or the two witnesses decided to show how the male THEM-ANASH called Lucille Ball, would have looked like without all the surgery, make up, and camouflage applied to her – him – IT !

Scary Lucille Ball Statue Sculptor Apologizes for “Unsettling” Work

→ https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/scary-lucille-ball-statue-sculptor-apologizes-for-unsettling-work-201584/

“Yes, in retrospect, it should have never been cast in bronze and made public”

Thousands of beautiful things have been cast in bronze, I do not think it was the bronze at fault !

Hideous In Hideous Out !


John Brown

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