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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-10-06-0130a

0513 Woman discovers heaven – 3 VIP die strange deaths - Santa Cruz


The return of Peter Pan.

They Arkancided at least (4) top physicists. Two died in climbing accidents on the same day!

One gets crushed by a boulder into pulp after falling, one has his climbing line cut and falls 800 feet, "SUSY" falls 100 feet in front of her "husband", dies instantly. I have no idea how Nikolai Kardashev died, except it was immediately after his phone call with the woman crushed by the rock.

So ... "3" people were climbing mountains, getting closer to "God", then they fell to the their deaths because of their forbidden knowledge. Sounds like what happened to Satan? These free masons loved their symbolic sacrifices to Satan, I can say that much.

Since 2018 MANY college professors have died strange and horrible deaths. Two kids just offed one of their professor parents? for no reason.

In Georgia, a college professor dies while naked with two guys. Police arrive, all three are naked, the so called "woman" is bleeding from her head, the naked land lord goes into his house and blows his brains out. So ... police arrive on the scene, find a dead person, everyone naked, and they let a naked person who is a murder suspect who literally had his hands on "her", go into the house alone to find a gun and blow his brains out.

Yes, that is believable!

Now, try to believe these things as pure happenstance.

British Scientist Reports She Found Heaven—Gets Crushed To Death By Giant Rock

→ http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2947.htm

British astrophysicist Dr. Natalie Christopher … “she and her team described this mysterious luminosity as being sourced by an incalculable power human minds are not able to comprehend the full dimensions of. “

“SVR intelligence analysts have initially ruled is a “most probable assassination”—whose beyond shocking motive behind is the Western nations’ fear of how the Islamic world would react upon their discovering that scientists had proved conclusively that Heaven exists—not just any Heaven—but one whose unmistakable image shows it being a near match to the Islamic star and crescent symbol.

48 hours after she talks to her Russian counterpart, what happens?

Crushed To Death By Giant Rock British Scientist Who Found Heaven

Talked With Top Russian Scientist—Now He's Dead Too


“she talked by telephone for over an hour with the creator of the Kardashev Scale, top Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev—who immediately after this call was found dead—followed, about 48-hours later, by Dr. Christopher herself being reported missing on 5 August”

“—thus making it more than probable that both Dr. Kardashev and Dr. Christopher were killed over fears this discovery would ignite the unstoppable passions of Christian peoples the world over—most particularly because the ancient Judeo-Christian prophecy of foxes returning to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has just been fulfilled—which means the End Times Prophecies are about to begin. “

Now, I posted the following below on discord boards back in 2019-03 about this evil spirit being released before those two top ranked scientists ( Dr. Kardashev !) were murdered aka Arkancide

→ 0503 Peter Pan is being released

An evil spirit is being released upon the USA/World

After they failed on their destroying the Golden Gate Bridge, we then we had this free mason lizard head sacrifice to release Peter Pan. It failed, because of Christian prayer, a Mandela Effect (rather humorous) confirms he is stuck for the time being.

→ 0507 Santa Cruz boat fire – Mandela Effects -Illuminati sacrifice to Peter Pan

Please note they accounted for 34 people, but, really only found 33. I wonder who is missing that the Chinese or whoever took off the boat, in the mini-sub, before burning Conception to the water line?

All 34 Killed in Boat Fire Off Santa Cruz Island Identified

→ https://ktla.com/2019/09/12/all-34-killed-in-boat-fire-off-santa-cruz-island-identified/

Now, this lists like a who’s who of some of the most important people of America. Maybe their clones were killed and now they are living out the remainder of their time at a DUMB cloning center, I do not know. Though this is the most important guy of them all, imho !

The full list of victims:

Raymond “Scott”Chan, 59, of Los Altos

Fremont Students, Faculty Shaken By Loss Of Physics Teacher In Diving Boat Fire


This guy was a national treasure !


“As a Science and Engineering teacher, I bring my passion and wealth of real-world experience from research laboratories, and the electronics, computer, and high-performance automotive industries into the classroom. “


I am not covering his teaching experience, it was WAY below his pay grade, so to speak.


IISME Summer Research Fellow 2013, 2014

Stanford University Department of Physics

I assisted experimental physics researchers in characterizing and developing prototype instrumentation for a sub-atomic particle detector. I used SolidWorks mechanical CAD to lay out and Ansys Finite Element Analysis to model electrical characteristics of proposed particle detectors. In Summer 2014 I helped plan and construct a cryogenic system for testing the prototype particle detectors . The test system is cooled by liquid nitrogen and was constructed in a clean room to reduce radioactive and other contaminants.

Think CERN

Staff Engineer, Juniper Networks, Feb 1998 – Feb 2002

Sunnyvale, California

I wrote specifications and designed ASICs, FPGAs, and PC boards for Gigabit Ethernet, (1000-Base-T), Fast Ethernet (100-Base T), 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on high-speed backbone internet routers. I used Verilog RTL for design, simulation, and verification … I am a named co-inventor on 3 US patents related to data flow control.I wrote specifications and designed ASICs, FPGAs, and PC boards for Gigabit Ethernet, (1000-Base-T), Fast Ethernet (100-Base T), 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on high-speed backbone internet routers. I used Verilog RTL for design, simulation, and verification… I am a named co-inventor on 3 US patents related to data flow control.


In short, this person was brilliant and would be well equipped to comment on CERN and astrophysicist type things concerning detection.

A Catastrophic Weekend for Theoretical High Energy Physics

→ https://profmattstrassler.com/2019/08/06/a-catastrophic-weekend-for-theoretical-high-energy-physics/

“It is beyond belief that not only am I again writing a post about the premature death of a colleague whom I have known for decades, but that I am doing it about two of them.”

Ann Nelson, a theoretical physicist at the University of Washington, Seattle

(UW), died on 4 August in a hiking accident.

Ann Nelson Took On the Biggest Problems in Physics


“as well as papers that propose explanations for the breaking of supersymmetry, a popular theoretical extension of the Standard Model that posits an undiscovered partner particle for each known particle.”


Steven Gubser, a Bright Star in the Physics Universe, Dies at 47

→ https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/06/science/steven-gubser-dead.html

“He did groundbreaking work toward finding a “theory of everything.” He died in an Alpine rock-climbing accident.”

Steven Gubser, a Princeton theoretical physicist who did groundbreaking work in trying to unite the two great fields of physics — quantum mechanics and general relativity — as part of a broad effort in the scientific community to devise “a theory of everything,” died on Aug. 3 in a rock-climbing accident in the French Alps. He was 47.

Dr. Gubser’s rock climbing put him in the company of many physicists who have shared the same passion — a phenomenon that the science writer George Johnson took note of in The New York Times in 2001.


On a side note this guy died Feb 2nd 2019:

In Memory of Joe Polchinski, the Brane Master


Physicists Mourn Joe Polchinski, Developer of Deep Ideas and Paradoxes

→ https://www.quantamagazine.org/joe-polchinski-physicist-who-developed-deep-ideas-and-paradoxes-dies-at-63-20180220/

He noticed that strings — the one-dimensional lines whose vibrational states theoretically correspond to different particles — can end on higher-dimensional dynamical objects. These objects, dubbed D-branes, play an essential role in the unification of different versions of string theory…..D-branes play a major role in theoretical black hole physics, another long-standing interest of Joe’s.”

Polchinski cycling in the mountains near Santa Barbara.


A side note on how manipulated events are and how they are interconnected right back to WWII and earlier.

Ettore Majorana


“On March 25, 1938, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances while going by ship from Palermo to Naples. The Majorana equation and Majorana fermions are named after him. In 2006, the Majorana Prize was established in his memory. “

“ These experiments may potentially lead to a better understanding of quantum mechanics and may help build a quantum computer.”

“On 4 February 2015, the Rome Attorney's Office released a statement declaring that Majorana was alive between 1955–1959, living in Valencia, Venezuela.[1] These last findings, based on new evidence, made the Office declare the case officially closed, having found no criminal evidence related to his disappearance which probably was a personal choice.”

So, a very smart guy, on whose work quantum computers are based goes to Germany. Comes back depressed. Why? From looking at him, I think they told him the truth of who he was … THEM-ANASH. Disappears to Venezuela, where all the Nazi fled and lived.

→ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Venezuelans

“German Venezuelans (German: Deutsch-Venezolaner; Spanish: Germano-venezolanos) are Venezuelan citizens who descend from Germans or German people with Venezuelan citizenship. Most of them live in Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, ...”

→ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venezuela_during_World_War_II

“In the 1930s there was a small Italian community in Venezuela with some links to fascist Italy: founded in 1923, the "Partito Nazionale Fascista" -with over two hundred members- had organizations in four cities: Caracas, Valencia, Puerto Cabello and Barquisimeto (Duaca).”

→ https://www.history.com/news/how-south-america-became-a-nazi-haven
Oh look, Adolf Eichmann has a Wes Craven Janus face too! That must have been some family get together in South America, Venezuela and Argentine for these guys!

To recap:

Dr. Natalie Christopher - falls to death - crushed into pulp by boulder

--- Dr. Kardashev (the most famous of all) dies immediately after talking to the above woman

Dr. Ann Nelson dies same day - falls to her death (anti SUSY – CERN - this goes back to the Statue of Liberty Mandela Effect)

Dr. Steven Gubser - line gets cut - falls 800 feet to his death August 3rd

Raymond “Scott”Chan, national treasure and certainly knew about CERN, dies in freak boat accident.

Oh, the powers that be certainly now know Peter Pan is coming, you can bet on that !


John Brown

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