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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-10-20-2130a

0516 James Comey his corn decoded THEM-ANASH

So, I decided to jump into the youtube reality, to ID the false one when he shows up because he was late, about March 2019. What do I find? A warped reality worse then the one I knew. Epstein Island, people eating babies, and bloody stuff taken out of a bad B grade slasher movie.

Now, I am going to explain part of what James Comey is referring to and it is not nice. The corn refers to young children. When you eat Chinese food you eat baby or young corn, tender, that can be eaten on the cob.



→ https://donaldmarshallrevolution.com/

“Marshall claims that years ago, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip told him about how they would visit native orphanages in Western Canada and kill kids for sport. They described how they would strangle the children and watch them die. Philip even described how he would tie a boy up and crush his testicles in one hand, while choking the boy to death with the other. Marshall realizes that this sounds unbelievable; how could someone do something like that to children? Marshall replies that he doesn't know why they did this, only that they said they target native children because they receive less attention when they go missing.”


So, years later we know about Al Gore with his suit case of blood, Epstein Island with people eating children from Haiti, and Adrenochrome. Know we know why Prince Philip did it!

When they talk about eating baby corn, they do not mean only oral sex, they literally mean eating the personal parts of little boys, like the lizards they are.

Let me explain the analogy for you. Comey is standing in young corn in Iowa.

Who was famous for young corn paintings in Iowa? Homosexual Grant Wood !


“. It is thought that he was a closeted homosexual, and that there was an attempt to fire him because of a relationship with his personal secretary.[citation needed] Critic Janet Maslin states that his friends knew him to be "homosexual and a bit facetious in his masquerade as an overall-clad farm boy.”

→ http://www.crma.org/Content/Collection/Grant-Wood.aspx

Now, here is one of his most famous paintings

Young Corn 1931

If you looked at it today, you would think it was done with a 3D ray tracing program, would you not?

Anyway, let us take a look at his most second famous painting, supposedly of his mother, and decode it.

Except for rare occasions, males have shorter index fingers then ring fingers.

He is telling you his mother was his father, or literally a guy. This is how they roll in free mason families. Ask Anderson Cooper? The children are often given to these reverse families, stolen or bred somewhere else. He made sure it would be noticed by having the ring on the ring finger.

What kind of plant is this?

→ https://www.etsy.com/listing/728497518/rare-large-sansevieria-cylindrica?

“This Plants Growzone: 9-11 “ aka it would never grow outside in Iowa.

“Sansevieria cylindrica, also known as the cylindrical snake plant, African spear or spear sansevieria, is a succulent plant native to Angola.”

Why the three stems?


As I have written before it represents the unholy trinity of Satan with the Diana worship (he is three people) and her temple. Representations of which can be found with the Lincoln Memorial right to the so called “library” in Mister Rogers. As I have written in length about it before, I will not repeat all of it here.

Usually the “chosen” ones, their names are a code too. Since he did so many things about eating corn.


grant wood in Jewish Gematria equals: 1232

Bible numerics:


Now, when he included this, I am sure he probably did not know about this, but, I am sure Satan did with how he encoded the KJV Bible.

Here I covered the #1260 found in a plant used by witches for centuries for casting spells and used in such modern works such as Harry Potter.

2014-04-19a 10:20 a.m.

TQO#265 God's proof genetics, not creation, serpent, Bible numbers, from a fern*01

→ http://www.obamasucks.tv/docs/tqo265.html

What about the chromosomes of the “snake” plant?

→ https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/cytologia1929/49/2/49_2_325/_pdf

Chromosome number in Sansevieria species

cylindrica = 18

18 = BONDAGE: Depression

Genesis 3:1 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

1 Now the serpent was more [a]subtle than any beast of the field, which the Lord God had made: and he [b]said to the woman, Yea, hath God indeed said, ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

Here I covered what them THEM-ANASH look like:

→ 0508 Wes Craven and his two Janus faces

Let us see if “he” has the THEM-ANASH features?

Left eye farther back then the right (wonky) = yes

Left cheek plumper then the right = yes

Left eye brow different then the right = yes

If you notice the eyebrows do not follow the brow ridge, this is common on the THEM-ANASH trannys.

So, he was saying his mother was his father, they worship the SNAKE with the free masons, and that they are THEM-ANASH with the wonky left eye. His father was a tranny and he himself was a homosexual. He does paintings about “young corn” aka “young boys to eat”.

What is his most famous painting?

American Gothic

I am not going to take apart this whole painting, I just want to point out what he included.

The same SNAKE plant with the three representing free masons = SUCKERS !

Oh, do not think this was his only fine work promoting eating “young corn”, homosexuality, penises, and such. Not by a long shot.

The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, 1931

Penis in red, young testicles in green

How is Comey double mocking you here?

He is pictured under a sky that looks like it has been ELFed or chem trailed, in a corn field, plus, looking at an orange/yellow sun. Our sun has not looked yellow in a LONG time, it looks white. Obama recently did a post from Kenya just like that one, though his was more orange.

Please note Grant Wood did corn sunsets too.

Now, if you take a look at Comey’s so called “female” “wife” you might notice he looks much younger. Is he the highlander? I would not doubt if Comey = Grant Woods. Just wearing a different skin sack.

But, what Comey is telling you is THEM-ANASH (btw: he is wearing a meat mask) with their pedophile (children eating) network has been around before you and they will be around after you.

When you mention Comey with corn and nibblets, you probably make him smile (corn) ear to (corn) ear, as he thinks about his cleverness in mocking the stupid humans and having them promote his “corny” art the world over.

When you eat “candy corn” at pagan Satanic Halloween, think about what you are eating and promoting.


John Brown

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+(GNV = 1599 Geneva Bible)

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