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Mandela Effects & connecting the dots

Date: 2019-11-13-1819

0000 Things to consider – older articles

0501 NXIVM and what their name means

0504 Epstein Island – 100s videos – Arkancided – Scotland

The untold truth about Epstein Island and the temple?

0505 Killary’s Arkancide Pledge 4 LEOs Police - Content Providers

0508 Wes Craven and his two Janus faces

0509 What does THEM-ANASH mean and why

0510 Purple Rain Burn In Hell

0512 Pelosi is not what HE seems to appear01

a video - 0511_trump_2020_share_a_ride_qrz-jesusdotcom.mp4

0514 Clintonemail.C O R N = These people are stupid - Q

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